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G.V.W (B.D.M) 16,000KG

FM Series

Enhanced power with superior efficiency

The new Mitsubishi Fuso EURO II FM Series is built for optimum comfort and durability during heavy duty transport, thanks to an improved frame design and suspension system. Its front and rear suspension system, combines with improvements to the front/rear axles, guarantee smooth riding comfort.

The FM Series comes with a turbocharge & intercooler EURO II engine & intercooler EURO II engine that produces significantly less Nitrogen Oxide and black smoke. Apart from being just kind to the environment, it also provides better fuel economy. It also comes with an Innovative Snorkel Air Intake System.

MITSUBISHI FUSO’s application of the latest technologies to the FM Series simply means that you get a durable truck that delivers power, smoothness and driving comfort, no matter how you use it.



**Year 2019 Chassis Cab Price Only.

FM65FJ1RDG1 - 16,000kg

  • 240PS@2,600rpm

  • 686Nm@1,600rpm

  • Tubeless Tyres 11R22.5 148/145

  • ABS Brake

  • Original Wheelbase 4630mm

  • 6 wheelers


**Year 2019 Chassis Cab Price Only


FM65FN2RDG1 - 16,000kg

  • 270PS@2,600rpm

  • 785Nm@1,400rpm

  • Tubeless Tyres 11R22.5 148/145

  • ABS Brake

  • Original Wheelbase 5850mm

  • 6 Wheelers

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